The Power of Electricity

The Necessity of Saving Power

We take the use of electricity as a natural commodity, without taking in to consideration the effect that it has on the universe. We go about our daily lives and leave lights on for an unnecessary length of time, without giving it a second thought.

How often do we see outside lights left on all through the night outside homes? Are they left on to make sure that potential burglars can see their way in? Do people living in the rural areas realise that by leaving lights burning all through the night, they are actually frightening animals that are night prowlers and would much prefer to be in the dark? The time has come to change our method of using the gift of electricity and give it more thought.

There are many ways that we can cut down on the usage of it. Firstly, we can always switch off lights when leaving a room instead of leaving them on indefinitely. Pool pumps and garden sprinklers can be set for fewer periods of running and outside lights set for the period of time that one is away from the house.

Ceiling fans use less power than air conditioners. This certainly is worth giving some consideration to and appliances such as your fridge and stove are also great consumers. Doing as much cooking as possible together at one time also helps to lower the consumption. Another big help is to always use the right size pot or pan on the stove plates.

Make good use of the microwave for reheating food. When one thinks of the time wasted before microwaves were brought on to the market! There are many dishes that are excellent for cooking by microwave; some far nicer than being cooked conventionally by stove or oven.

Using the coolest temperature for the washing machine is generally perfectly adequate. In addition, we can mix colours without damaging them, or worrying about colour changes. Woollen items do not shrink and the saving you will make on electricity is excellent.

Switching off the geyser at night or when we are at work does wonders for monthly meter costs. All in all, there is a multitude of ways that we can improve on our electricity usage. We only have to think about them!