Tips for Trimming or Slashing Your Electrical Bill

Nobody wants to pay more on an electrical bill than necessary. The electrical companies are raising rates but here are some simple tips to make sure your bill stays as low as possible. Obviously the easiest way to cut down on your electric usage is to turn off all lights and appliances that are not in use. Unplugging appliances and electronics that are not in use are even more efficient than just turning them off.

Heating & Air:

Having an air-conditioner or heating unit that is not operating correctly is the same as pouring money down the drain. Set up an appointment for an HVAC specialist to inspect your heating and cooling unit. If you are in the market for a new unit make sure to buy energy star appliances. You should also keep the filters clean so make sure you change them regularly.

Laundry & Water:

Washing in cold water wherever possible and hanging drying clothes is another excellent way to lower your electric bill. When you do wash and dry clothes make sure you are only doing full loads. Turning down your water heater and placing it on a timer is another easy way to lower your monthly bill. Have the timer set to shut off at night time and when you are not at home.


Replacing the lighting in your house is an inexpensive way to reduce your monthly electric bill. Change all of your lighting to fluorescent low-powered bulbs. Florescent lighting is inexpensive, uses less wattage and tends to last longer than standard lighting.

If you have a young child that likes to sleep with a light on offer them a nightlight. A nightlight will use less energy and get the child used to sleeping with less light on. Having a main light on all night is an easy way to raise your electric bill.


Use your stove less! This might not work all the time but during the summer this is a great tip. When you use your stove during the summer you warm up the house and force your A / C to work harder. Cooking outdoors during the winter can be done, too. Is not only a great way to spend some time with family and friends but an excellent way to cut down on your electrical bill. Crockpots use less energy than many other appliances, as well.

Get a consultation:

Contact your local electrical contractor for other tips. If you're in Atlanta Georgia, you'll find an array of choices for Atlanta electricians that an offer advice, installations, and repairs that could save you money on your electrical bill.

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