Using Solar Gable Attic Fans With the Appropriate Vents

Solar Gable attic fans are an environmentally-friendly option for cooling and protecting your roof and attic. These remarkable systems can literally save 30 percent on your home cooling costs. Depending on where you live, your attic can easily exceed temperatures of 160 degrees, acting as an insulator and making your air conditioning unit work overtime.

If you only have small passive vents on your roof, they are usually tragically inadequate in regards to dissipating heat. Essentially, your attic plays the role of a giant radiator as it passes heat into the living area of your home, increasing temperatures and electrical bills.

Alternatively, in the winter, the heat that is trapped up in your attic will often melt accumulated snow on your roof. Unfortunately, as the water trickles down in freezing temperatures, it often refreezes in the eaves which leads to costly, destructive ice damage. Not to mention, moisture trapped in the area will wreak havoc, promoting mildew and mold, often saturating your insulation and leading to fungal decay as well as destruction to your decking and roof frame.

What Makes a Solar Attic Exhaust Fan Different?

A solar Gable fan runs completely on solar energy rather than electricity. Sunlight is transformed into electrical power by use of a solar panel. These are often used along with Gable vents for budget-conscious, effective operation all year round.

The solar panel and vent are positioned in an appropriate location in the gable end of the attic and then they are both mounted. Despite what you may be thinking, installation is easy because there are brackets with the solar panel to allow for easy roof mounting. The solar fan and vent are connected by a simple plug and the result is free power.

The solar panel uses sunlight to work as a generator, allowing the fan to work without electricity from dawn till dusk when cooling is needed most. These systems create air movement in quantities of 800 cubic feet per minute. This will remove damaging winter moisture and uncomfortable summer heat. Additionally, the solar panel is hail, wind and impact-resistant so it can stand up to even the harshest elements.

Solar Gable attic fans are highly efficient and durable, running on a 24-volt DC motor. The shutters are typically white plastic but can easily be painted to match the exterior of your home. They are fuss-free and will open automatically when the fan is running and close back up when it is not in use.

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