What The Electric Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Do You Want To Know The Truth?

How often do you flip on a switch? What happens to your electric bill when you do? That's right it goes up! I imagine millions of people do the same thing everyday. There is no one out there who wants to do without electricity.

At one time, we all bought our electricity from the same company and they charged millions of dollars a day. One Company. No need for lower prices. Because we had no choice! This is called a Monopoly. Was this FAIR? Was this RIGHT? NO! The government didn't think so either so they broke up the monopoly. Now we do have a choice. Now we can save up to 20% on our bills.

Deregulation came into effect 1999, but even after all of these years only a few people have taken advantage of this opportunity. Why? Are they afraid to take the chance? Do they like paying the extra money for electricity? No, I don't think so. I think they just don't know the truth. Well if you are here today, then I believe you are READY to hear the truth.

In 2009, only 25 percent of people had switched from the default electric company. Even though the electric company that they were with was probably charging much more than they had to. WHY?

YOU have the power to choose. The power to literally save hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bill.

The public utility regulates transmission and distribution to ensure the safety and reliability of your services. There is no question of the reliability. The company generating the power is the same. The electric lines running to the dwelling is the same. The utility company is still responsible for maintaining the poles and wires, or pipelines, and responding to emergencies and power outages just as they always have. The only difference ………. Are you ready for this? The only difference is the name on the bill and the price that you are being charged. That's IT!

Energy Deregulation allows for:

* Competitive marketplace among energy suppliers

* Flexibility to create an energy strategy that suits your individual needs

* Freedom to choose suppliers, products, prices and terms

* Price protection from rising costs

* Potential savings

Let me ask you a question.

If you were on your way home from work, about to run out of gas, and you see two service stations across the street from each other. One is selling gas for $ 3.99 a gallon but the other is selling gas for $ 3.69. Which one would you pull into? Well with gas prices the way they are today, I'm positive that you said the station with the $ 3.69 a gallon. Then why wouldn't you want to save on electricity ?!

Ladies, we consumer shop for EVERYTHING! Ok, Still unsure?

Let's say you walk into Walmart to buy a video camera to record your child's first birthday. There are two video cameras that are identical but one is $ 100 and the other is $ 150. You ask the clerk what the difference is and he tells you that they are exactly the same. Same life span on the battery. Same pixel rating. Made by the same manufacturer. And NO, it's not damaged. Which one are you going to buy? Duh! Of course we are going to buy the $ 100 video camera.

Here are Your Options:

Stay with your current provider – If they are the better option or money is no object to you, then that is what you should do.

Use an intermediary – This will increase supplier competition and lower prices and will provide timely responses to the changing market conditions leading to more saving opportunities.

In order to make an informed favorable business decision in a deregulated electricity market, you must understand and weigh many factors including the price of electricity, reliability of suppliers, associated fees such as stranded costs, customer service, and supplier experience. If you decide to not choose then you will “default” to who ever the current local utility provider is and pay what they are charging and YOU could miss out on a substantial savings opportunity.

But again, That is your choice!

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