What You Need To Know About Residential Generator Transfer Switches

Residential generator transfer switches are the safe, legal way to supply energy to the home when the utilities fail. The illegal alternative to a transfer switch is called backfeeding. Backfeeding is when an individual supplies electricity from the wiring system directly back into the main electric grid.

The problem with this is that utility workers coming to the area to repair the utility failure will not know that the line happens to be live. Nor will your neighbors. This represents a big hazard and all unsuspecting parties risk electrocution when tampering with the live line in any way.

Choosing the right switch for your home can be difficult if you are new to having a back-up power supply. Luckily there are numerous online resources that can help you choose the ideal switch for your needs from among the available selection. Finding a supplier that is willing to help you choose according to your specific needs will help eliminate a ton of hassle from the process. You can read ratings and reviews to see which suppliers have stellar customer support and go above and beyond to help potential customers in selecting their materials.

If you are using a standby system you want an automatic transfer switch. These include a control switch that can sense the main voltage. In the event of an outage the generator will start up. The automatic switch will then transfer the load from the utility to the generator keeping the entire process fluid and hassle-free.

Once the utilities are up and running the automatic transfer switch will disconnect the generator. This allows the generator to shut down into cool mode. You will notice that although the utilities are back on the generator is not entirely quiet until the motor has sufficiently cooled. Although an automatic switch can be extremely convenient, many people like having the option of doing the start up and shut down themselves. For this reason, many automatic generator transfer switches offer a manual setting as well.

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