Why Is The Gable Exhaust Fan So Popular?

To improve ventilation in the attic, which consists of hot air being forced outside through the exhaust system and moisture being prevented from building up during cold weather, you have two primary options – an attic vent fan or a gable exhaust fan. While the concept is the same for both, the installation process and operation are unique.

For one thing, instead of being mounted on the roof as with the turbine type of fan or box unit, the gable style is actually mounted on the gable. Of all ventilation systems used for the attic, the gable fan is considered by industry professionals, as well as consumers as being the easiest to install. For this reason, homeowners who want a cost efficient solution and a type of vent fan they can install will go with the gable.

Once this type of fan has been installed, it works as a highly efficient ventilation system. The way in which the fan functions is that extremely hot air collected near the ceiling is forced out by the exhaust system to the outside. The louvers through which this air goes may or may not be covered with mesh but when purchasing the equipment for a fan used to vent the attic, one covered with mesh is highly recommended in that it prevents animals and debris from getting inside.

Along with forcing hot air from the attic out, a ventilation fan also helps by replacing the hot air with cool air that comes from the outside in. The reason it is so critical that the right type of fan be used for ventilation in the attic, along with quality insulation is that if the hot air were allowed to remain inside, it would cause moisture to build up. With that, your home would be at serious risk for growth of mold and mildew, which are hazardous to a person’s health.

With this type of fan system, vent options include high and low. With the high vents, this refers to a section of the vent system that allows the hot air in the attic to be moved to the outside. For this, you would have a choice of ridge or gable vents. As far as low vents, this part of the system design is actually mandatory to bring cool air from the outside back into the attic.

Along with standard features of a gable exhaust fan, you would have several optional features to consider. For these, the most popular is the thermostat. Because a gable exhaust fan is powered by a motor, a thermostat can be highly beneficial whenever the level of heat in the attic reaches excessive levels.

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