Wired Or Wireless Network – Which One Suits My Company?

Connecting a whole office together is a difficult task because there are so many cables and sockets that are brought into the use in the whole process. But, wired network has become a thing of the past and wireless network has taken its place. The wireless network is used in order to reduce the amount of cables in the workplace and it saves a lot of time as well. Following are the benefits of the wireless network:

1. A wireless network will allow you to connect to the Internet without the need of wires / cables. Although it is true that the wireless technology is a bit more expensive than the wired one, but it is only the initial cost, which is high. Once you are done with the installation, you are going to thank God for making wireless networks. You will save a lot of money because there is no issue such as replacing cables. Wired networks are highly productive and economic, so you will not regret going for it other than the wired network.

2. A wireless network means that there is space on the floors and no need to rewire your office again and again. It is a lot easier to set up the connection to a wireless network than on a wired one. There are many other benefits as well, which would help in increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

3. Moreover, a wireless network will save your systems from potential problems that can arise at the time of client visit to your office. A wireless network will allow your clients and external faculty members to easily access the network, which would provide a boost to the company's reputation. It would also increase the company's output by taking unnecessary work away from the company's IT department.

But, if you want to stick with the wired network system, then there are a few things that you should remember before finalizing anything.

Area- you must conduct a site survey and evaluate your needs. This evaluation will help you to curve overspending on the networking equipment / devices. Moreover, it will help you identify the best possible locations for installing the routers and access points.

Plan things in advance- It is better to install the cables before moving your office in the new building. It would be a lot more difficult to do it afterwards. Hiring a top electrician contractor will help you in a great way. Office networking is not as simple as connecting your personal laptop to the Internet. There are many computers that are needed to be connected in an office.

There are many benefits of working in an office that is connected to a common network. Data can be transmitted easily from one part of the building to another without taking the help of CD's, pen drives and other storage devices. Attendance of the employees can be done easily with the help of a common network.

In addition to these common applications such as spreadsheets and word processing, many other classified programs can also be accessed using the common network platform. You can share your pictures from our digital slit lamp with anyone in the office.

Other files can also be viewed and emailed in this manner. Advantages of network system are infinite, but the main thing that you have to ensure is the process of installing the cables for the network because if that work is not done in a proper way, then you can not expect all the above-mentioned good things. Hiring a reputed contractor service should be your first priority and you can take the help of Internet or newspapers in order to find good contractor services.

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